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The music on this recording includes traditional folk songs, lullabies and rhymes. Some material may have been sung or recited in your family. All tell simple stories or describe experiences that are commonly found in a child's environment.. Play the recording at home at different times of the day. Dance with your child and let him/her feel body movement to the beat. If you dance to the same song, your child will ask you to dance every time he/she hears it. Small children love to be bounced, walked and wheeled around the room to music. Humming or crooning as you perform the many routine activities with your baby, such as changing or feeding, will establish special listening times. You can also use the lullabies for quiet time or bedtime. You will notice that some songs appeal to your child more than others. Sometimes it is short, repeated phrase that attracts them. They often enjoy the surprise at the end of an action song as in (for example) “Ring around the Rosie ......... we all fall down”.

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It is important that your baby hear you singing the songs and saying the rhymes many times. They will eventually repeat them too. This experience will help to lay the foundation for speaking and reading. Repetition of the familiar is very important for the young child’s emotional and cognitive development. The repetition on the recording is intended to provide more opportunity for this development.

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